Best Super Bowl XLIX Prop Bets

Best Super Bowl XLIX Prop Bets

If you put down a bet that Tom Brady would look like a 12-year old boy on Thanksgiving Day when he hit the podium on the first day of Super Bowl XLIX’s media day, you’d probably be winning some major cash. That is, if a bet like that existed. It’s arguably too bad that bet wasn’t available, but that’s not to say the prop bets for this year’s Super Bowl lack creativity or are going to be easy to call.

With the big game less than a full week away now, we all need to get our betting hats on and try to nail some prop bets. Not only could we be in line to win some serious cash, but it’s also part of the fun of watching the Super Bowl. Some people are in pools or bet on the game, but nothing gets yourself involved in the action better than littering Super Bowl prop bets throughout the entire contest.

Things are intensified with this year’s Super Bowl, as you have the New England Patriots and everything that goes along with “Deflategate”. On the other side you have the Seattle Seahawks, who are the defending champions and have about the brashest collection of talent you’ll ever see. Needless to say, the game itself could end up being among the best we’ve been graced with, and that’s not even including any of the fun stuff to watch for.

To help prepare us for the 2015 Super Bowl, let’s break down the 7 best Super Bowl XLIX prop bets. Some are old school, some are fun and some are just plain weird, but if you want to lay down some interesting bets for this year’s big game, try these on for size:

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Super Bowl MVP

Picking the Super Bowl MVP is at the heart of all prop betting, because it’s one of the most difficult things to predict. We’ve seen special teams stars (Desmond Howard), cornerbacks (Larry Brown) and otherwise no-name defensive players (Malcolm Smith) win the award, yet we all know that some of the greatest quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers have claimed the trophy, too. It’s a true toss-up, but before you finalize your bet, consider the odds: Tom Brady leads the way (9/5), with Russell Wilson (7/2) right behind him and Marshawn Lynch (5/1) coming in third. Of course, with the way the NFL’s title game usually goes, it’s quite possible none of those three stars comes close to winning the Super Bowl MVP. But if not them, then who? That’s where the fun begins.

Tom Brady’s First Time

We all like to remember our first anything, but what makes this Super Bowl even more interesting is guessing what Tom Brady will do first – throw a pick, or throw a touchdown. Facing the vaunted Seattle Seahawks defense, the odds (INT, +155) might be in your favor to bank on him turning the ball over before the Pats even score. Of course, Brady has tossed just nine interceptions all year against a solid 33 touchdowns, so shooting for a score (TD, -190) also makes a lot of sense.

Marshawn Lynch Rushing Yards (Over/Under)

The Super Bowl MVP is a total guess and Brady’s first big play in the game is probably a toss-up, but predicting Beast Mode’s rushing yardage being over/under 89.5 yards? That’s as close to a gimme as Super Bowl betting nuts will get. Lynch piled on over 1,300 rushing yards during the 2014 season, one in which included a solid five 100+ yard rushing days. In fact, he hit on this week’s “over” number six total times during the regular season and put up another 157 yards in the NFC title game. It’s worth noting that New England’s run defence ranked just seventh out of 12 teams during the playoffs, but they were also fairly stingy overall during the regular season (ninth). That could suggest they could go either way, but considering Seattle lives and dies by Lynch’s effectiveness, him getting under 90 rushing yards doesn’t seem overly likely. Of course, that may not be a bet you’re willing to go all in on if you don’t think Seattle is going to be able to dictate the tempo of this game.

Lynch Crotch Grab

Getting horrendously far away from our first three Super Bowl prop bets, which are fun and interesting, but as traditional as they come, we must consider some of the more wacky propositions at hand. Lynch has been notified by the league that his infamous crotch grab during his touchdown dive will draw a fine, but with his team on the big stage and a potential huge touchdown putting them over the top, will he be able to resist? If you think Lynch puts his hand where it needn’t be during the game (Yes, +400) you could win some cash. However, picking against it (No, -600) might make a little more sense since it’s dependent on him both scoring and committing the foul act.

Will Idina Menzel Botch the National Anthem?

The actual prop bet is whether or not Menzel, the star singer from the hit kid’s movie Frozen will omit or forget at least one word in the nation’s song. As powerful and impressive of a singer as she is, this just might not really be her wheelhouse, while performing anything in front of the nation can get the nerves going. Nerves or not, it’s entirely possible that Idina could botch the Anthem (Yes, +400), but for the sake of her pride in front of the world, we’ll hope she doesn’t (No, -600).

Katy Perry’s First Song

While the song to kick the game off is a big deal, the festivities and singing at the break can go viral, too. We all remember Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction and some interesting performances by the likes of Madonna, Britney Spears and even The Rolling Stones over the years. While Katy Perry isn’t everyone’s choice to run the halftime show, she’s undoubtedly popular and even a 45-year old father of three knows a song or six that she’s done. The big question for Super Bowl bettors, though, will be which one does she play first?

Will Bill Belichick Smile?

This might be one of the funniest ones, although what constitutes as a smile might draw the ire of bettors if they’re not given credit where credit is due. How one goes about nailing this one down is anyone’s guess, but it certainly will be one worth watching, for various reasons. Whether because of a big play, a score or a lead late in the game, do you think ol’ Belichick will flash those pearly yellows (Yes, +150) or will he keep a scowl the entire way through (No, -200)? Either is distinctly possible, but given how annoyed he’s been after having to learn everything about footballs and air pressure, it’s very possible he doesn’t smile about anything for any reason until the game is over (and only if the Patriots win).

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