Dallas’s Dez Bryant “I love this football team”

Bryant recently showed up late to Dallas Cowboys training camp. NFL Network’s Jane Slater questioned just how committed he was to the team in an interview and Bryant reinforced his love for the Cowboys that drafted him. Bryant had to distance himself from the bad press that followed after his late arrival.

Bryant said  “Everybody in this organization knows what’s up with me,” Bryant said. “They know I love this football team. You know, me personally, I feel nobody reps the star more than me. That’s not a shot directed at nobody, that’s just how I feel. I always loved it. I love the fans and I put my all out for them you know? I don’t care if I’m injured, I’ll try my best to get out there and play. That’s how it’s always been. I love Dallas. I love this place, I just love everything about it. I love the coaches, I love (owner) Jerry Jones, I love Stephen (Jones), I love everybody around this place.”

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However, his close friend and former Cowboys teammate Lucky Whitehead was recently released from the team, which shows that the Cowboys mean business.  Bryant said  “I would say (head coach Jason Garrett was sending a message by cutting Whitehead), we’re trying to do something special here. I don’t have much room to talk, but even though I had a legit deal — the reason why I missed — I should have been there. But I wasn’t. And we handled it. At the same time I understand what coach Garrett is trying to do. You gotta take care of business.”

This season is important for Bryant. As a result, the Cowboys are “handling” the minor issue in a firm manner. As it stands, Bryant could be the potential No.1 target of the future and occasional playmaker. Bryant has shown that he has the ability to carry an offense – with the trust of his quarterback of course. Last year, he had a stellar nine-catch, 132 yard, two-touchdown performance against the Packers in the playoffs. Bryant has got the strength and the technique to have a really good season. Coach Garrett will be making sure that everyone is following the rules and showing up to camp ready to train and ready for the season ahead.

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